Welcome to the Website of the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Munich, Germany.

It is my great honor to represent Afghanistan in Munich, Germany, where we strive at promoting and strengthening the ties between Afghanistan and Germany and providing consular services to a large Afghan Community in the Federal States of Munich and Baden Wurttemberg in Germany.

Afghanistan puts strong emphasis on strengthening relations with Germany, as one of the greatest supporters of Afghanistan in the areas of human rights, women empowerment, refugee issues, health, education, infrastructure, economic development and regional cooperation. This goes in line with the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan to promote economic development, to guarantee viable peace and security, to promote education and to empower women.

Despite going through a long period of political unrest and economic difficulties, Afghanistan has an outstanding economic potential. With an estimated 3 trillion of untapped minerals, the country is one of the richest mining regions in the world. Afghanistan had significant progress in extracting minerals and is using the world’s best policies, regulations and procedures to play an encouraging and leading role to attract private investment in the development of mineral and natural resources. Currently Afghanistan has 1400 mineral fields, containing barite, chromite, coal, copper, gold, and iron, among many other minerals. Gemstones include high-quality emerald, lapis lazuli, red garnet and ruby.
Additionally, the country produces all its necessity in agricultural products and exceeds internal consumption of fruits and vegetables that are then directed to export. Agricultural products account for almost two thirds of all exports, with very high-quality dry fruits and carpets on the top of the list.

We welcome all Afghan Nationals and International partners to visit the Consulate General and take advantage of our services and enjoy a great cup of the greatest saffron tea and delicious dried fruits.


Sifat Rahimee
Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in
Munich, Germany